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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tidy Up!

The best part of January is the opportunity to begin new habits and tidy up!
Like most fashion obsessed, our jewelry tends to be left everywhere BUT inside jewelry boxes.

The only problem I have with those cute darn boxes is, I never know what's inside! If I do open it, I pick up a knotted mess of necklaces, bracelets and broken earrings; and remind myself why i stored it inside to begin with. With so many fun and creatives ways to organize jewelry I decided to share a few ideas on how to display your ShimShimmy ladies AKA Mindy, Draya, Adriana & Paris jewelry pieces.

 IOrganize InStyle is a home based business, that customizes jewelry boards. Its a fun way to display while keeping everything tidy and stylish

Recycling miss-matched vintage teacups and saucers is a shabby chic way.  

  Happy Saturday!

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