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Monday, January 7, 2013

Who's Says You Can't Wear Jewelry to the Office?

Jewelry can be worn many places such as after hour spots, happy hour, a romantic date, or just a breeze out with your friends. But many turn away from the one place that may give them the attention if too much jewelry is layered, the office or place of work. Here is a tip to keep it professional but chic and fab. 

ShimShimmy Style Cafe' Tip:

Want to keep it Professional but chic and fab at the office? Slip on the Kimmy, a Quality Gold Layered Diamond Cut Slip-On Bangle by ShimShimmy on one wrist and wear the Venus Bangle on the other with a shimmer top, blue blazer and grey work pants and you no longer will have that too much attention look at the office. 

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