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Thursday, January 31, 2013

DIY Valentine Picnic

Valentine's Day, one of the best days to stay at home and cook!
In case you haven't noticed or have been stuck in a cave, everything these days seems to be running on DIY ideas found on crafty blogs and the mecca of them all, Pinterest, honestly the BEST thing ever since smart phones!

This Valentines Day show your Sweetheart your DIY side. The last place I want to be, is at a crowded, over priced a la carte, prix fixe restaurant. I personally would much rather enjoy a charming picnic for two in the comfort of my living room or a cute quiet scenic spot, depending on weather conditions. 

If your not a top chef in the kitchen, Keep It Simple,Keep It Smart,Keep It Semi-Homemade, finger sandwiches, fruit kabobs, maybe order from a favorite deli get the idea.

Picnic food kids will love: Sandwich bouquets. 
picture by pinterest

It's not WHAT you do, it's HOW you do it! 
Toast the evening with champagne, sparkling wine or sparkling cider. 
5 star service, the DIY way! Whats not charming about this entire idea!

The view from a picnic blanket.
 picture by pinterest

Don't forget the fresh cut wild flowers in a mason jar with a simple ribbon. Create a fun love fort, tent or teepee instead of the old blanket idea. Have fun and be creative...

Picnic parties on the beach are just what summer is all about - with friends or romantic dinner :D
Picture by pinterest  

Happy Valentines Day! 


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